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The Ecstatic Celestial Journey

* 120 black and white pages on Munken PURE 115g
* 15.8 x 21.7 cm
* hardcover, cloth binding
* sewn binding with H&T bands
* ISBN 978-2-919242-25-2 / EAN 9782919242252
* Price : 23.00 euros / HT 21.80 euros

Jean and Cosmiel have been touched by the grace of Superior Beings! Freed from the contingencies of their physical forms, our two companions have become ethereal matter floating through the universe, and set out on a strange, wonderful wander through different worlds: the Moon, the Sun, Pluto... Their silent, contemplative, journey is punctuated now and then by lessons in metaphysical trivia that Cosmiel the sage lavishes upon Jean the novice. 

In the beginning, there was the The Ecstatic Celestial Journey by Athanasius Kircher, a 16th-century German Jesuit. This splendidly illustrated scientific and philosophical work recounts a strange trip through a universe of laws long past. Kircher situates himself somewhere between a pioneering genius and enlightened fool. The author of sundry treatises in diverse domains, he nevertheless managed a few lucky guesses, for which we can be grateful, but in the end, his (alas, many) intellectual divagations resulted in his being relegated to relative obscurity, even if they also made him, shall we say, eminently endearing. In love with this historical figure and his work, author Clément situates himself as a distant heir to the goodly scholar. As a creator himself, he has fiddled playfully with the source material and made this Journey a superb immersion in his own private universe. Through strange perspectives, sumptuous backdrops, and his pair of enlightened cranks, Clément surprises, astonishes, and even better—inspires wonder.