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* black & white / Munken Print White 115g
* 21 x 29.6 cm
* hardcover
* sewn binding with H&T bands
* ISBN 978-2-919242-55-9 / EAN 9782919242559
* Price : 19 euros / HT 18.01 euros

A blues-singing vagrant, a canoodling couple on a park bench, a man about to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff—short playlets, visual poems, characters whose paths cross time and again, forming the backdrop of this book: now that the intro’s over, let the story begin!
A child lies in bed on the eve of his seventh birthday. Tomorrow, his father will teach him the ways of the ritual that has kept his family wealthy for two hundred years: a laborious magic formula, a gold louis that multiplies itself. The pressure weighs heavily on the young boy’s shoulders. Let’s hope he avoids disaster! What will become of him if he can’t pull it off? Or worse yet, if by some bizarre chance he winds up turning gold into rubber?

Things Are Afoot is a stylish and sensitive triptych about the weight of family, fate, and tradition. It is the debut of Guillaume Chauchat, a virtuoso artist whose economy emphasizes the power, precision, and feeling in his spare linework, a direct descendant of Saul Steinberg or Jean-Jacques Sempé. Endearing characters, hilarious situations, and fleeting moments of poetry make up his delicate, comical universe.