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* 40 pages, full colour with one Pantone
* 28.6 x 38 cm
* hardcover
* Swiss binding
* ISBN 978-2-919242-5-11 / EAN 9782919242511
* Price : 23.00 euros / HT 21.80 euros

One distant night, the sun stands still and stops on the horizon. Plunged into endless twilight, the Kingdom declines and despairs.

One day, a voyager comes to court. He convinces the King to go to the Sun and entreat it to resume its cycle. So the King sets out at the head of a long procession. Page after page, they run into obstacles and the number of pilgrims dwindles: only seven of them will reach the summit where Helios rests...

The Quattrocento gave the world Hieronymous Bosch. The ‘90s and Photoshop gave rise to Étienne Chaize, former inker and head designer for the riotous Quasar vs. Pulsar, which Éditions 2024 published in 2014.

Drawing on references from highly varied fields (video games, Issey Miyake, Hokusai, Nicolas Ledoux), our alchemist has, with great delicacy, woven a fantastical world entirely his own. In the cohort of characters confronting its thousand and one dangers, we find echoes of such classics as The Odyssey or The Conference of the Birds

Helios is a world teeming with life that enchants and astonishes on every page!