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* 144 full color pages on Munken Print White 150g
* 21 x 29 cm
* hardcover
* Sewn binding with H&T bands
* ISBN 978-2-919242-74-0 / EAN 9782919242740
* Price : 24.50 euros / HT 23.22 euros

Paul, Sofia, Karl and Ottö, two human, acompagnied by two androïds venture deep into a planet far away, looking for a scientific team that has disapeared.  On the trees, the rocks, the plants, some geometrical protrusions leave their mark on the landscape, symptoms of a large-scale experience that has turned wrong.

Soon, our heroes will be trapped by a hostile nature, subjected to violent gravitational storms and mysterious time distorsions. Forced by the elements, they will have no choice but to move forward to the source of the phenomenon.

They plunge then in an Oddissey that will lead them to brave the Matter, Space and Time...

Dusk features lone human beeings who become suddenly insignificant when the Wild Nature takes back its rights. True variation of the dialectic : Man vs Wild, the human here, featured in the sorecer's apprentice, is playing with its technology, and provoks for sure a series of consequences that will turn out of control. Jérémy Perrodeau - Kaspard David Friedrich reborn ! transfigures a romantic science-fiction story into an epic seventies western.

Survivalists, lonely souls in demands of romantics stories, or science-fiction addicts, this book is for you !

© 2024

© 2024

Sophie Guerrive, born in 1989, is a french drawer and graphist.
Working for several years with the famous DeValence studio, he's now drawing illustrations and comics in Paris.

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