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The Misadventures of Gaston Martin, Master Stickfighter

* 288 black and white pages on Munken Print White 100g
* 17 x 24.5 cm
* hardcover, cloth binding
* sewn binding with H&T bands
* ISBN 978-2-919242-09-2 / EAN 9782919242092
* Price : 29.50 euros / HT 27.96 euros

The story of The Misadventures of Gaston Martin, Master Stickfighter unfolds in Revolutionary France, a country shaken by upheavals, where a man’s worth is measured by his skill in a very particular discipline: canefighting. Gaston Martin is a somewhat naïve orphan wandering the world with his dog Ledraoulec: a total innocent, but exceptionally and inexplicably gifted with a cane. In these turbulent times, a canefighting prodigy like himself could become a hero of the burgeoning administration, or just as easily end up guillotined in the Terror. 

By turns zealous disciple, penniless vagabond, dreaded canefighter, and wild child, buffeted by the winds of history and manipulated ruthlessly ambitious arrivistes of every variety, Gaston Martin will learn what it means to be afraid, to lie, to love, and to eat cake. The tone of this tale might recall certain mangas like Dragon Ball, but The Misadventures of Gaston Martin, Master Stickfighter is, above all, its own earthy picaresque.

Léon Maret gives us an epic whose freewheeling spontaneity directly evokes the work of such comics pioneers as Rudolf Töppfer. As publishers, we believe making such work available is salutary to the comics scene, and this is one surprising, amusing, and reinvigorating graphic novel.