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BOB & SALLY are friends

* 120 black and white pages on Munken Print White 150g
* 21 x 30 cm
* hardcover, round spine
* Sewn binding with H&T bands
* ISBN 978-2-919242-38-2 / EAN 9782919242382
* Price : 28 euros / HT 26.54 euros

Fowl, fish, sun, vines, and earthworms fill an idyllic island. Deep in this Eden, two creatures awake and marvel together at the life around them. Gamboling about, they learn who they are themselves and to each other, inventing the beginnings of progress and civilization. Here, in the original paradise, Bob and Sally are the first two friends in all the world.

True, they’re a duo… but just friends : Adam and his best friend Adam in the land of the cute and carefree. But though the sun smiles and winks at them, a vague malaise slowly makes its way into the Garden. Daily life rears its ugly head, and in its wake comes anxiety over the passing of time. What an unbearable feeling of emptiness our awareness of transience brings! 

Gnawed at by this intimate yet universal tragedy, the very first friendship weakens. Rifts and torments reveal themselves with a watery reflection or a breeze in the bushes. Everything becomes devilishly romantic: each rock, each bit of moss is charged with emotion. Matthias Aregui succeeds in accurately capturing his characters’ complex feelings. His story’s sincerity hits us right where it counts, and this odd Eden becomes the backdrop to a bittersweet tragi-comedy.